An New Showing of Encaustic Artworks

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We are pleased to announce our first encaustic show featuring new works by Anne Brochu Lambert & Kathy Bradshaw. These talented artists both use encaustic in different ways and end up with totally different looks. The show will run to Saturday, June 23rd.
Don't Miss it!

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Our two talented encaustic artists posing in front of their duo show. Kathy Bradshaw & Anne Brochu Lambert.

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Series RITES OF PASSAGE- Breaking Loose / Libération by Anne Brochu Lambert. Oils, cold wax, aluminum foil, pastels, graphite on birch wood panel, 36 x 48".


Little Sky Studies by Kathy Bradshaw. Oil encaustic, oil sticks & metallic powder on cradled panel, 8 x 8" each


Series ÉTATS / INNERSCAPES- A2, B2, C2 and D2. Encaustic, Japanese paper, vintage paper, ink, graphite markers on birchwood panel
, 14 x 11" each.


Wanna Rumble 2? by Kathy Bradshaw. Oil encaustic, charcoal & oil stick on cradled panel, 36 x 36".