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Please stop by to see our holiday art displays - many groupings of small affordable works for stocking stuffers and gifts for those special people in your life!

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Prairie Dog "Best Artist"
Wilf Perreault

There are painters who capture a subject so memorably youíll forever see it through their eyes. The first time this happened for me was on a 1999 road trip. Passing through the QuíAppelle valley, I saw slopes covered in bare trees and brown, snow-dusted grass and recognized the Prairie woodland of Ivan Eyreís famous landscapes. It was a powerful and meaningful moment.

Thanks to Wilf Perreault I have similar moments whenever I walk around Regina neighbourhoods at dusk.

Perreaultís 70th birthday show, Over The Hill, Through The Alleys and Beyond is at the Nouveau Gallery until Dec. 1. Itís worth a visit, or five. His beautiful paintings capture the darkening, purple Regina sky sharpened by a lattice of black tree branches. Underneath, blue Regina snow glows while orange lights crackle from warm Regina interiors. Our city is unmistakeable in these paintings.

Perreault draws our attention home. He reminds us that even though itís winter and itís warm inside, itís beautiful out there. Letís go for a walk. /Stephen Whitworth