More February Finds

Wilf yellowround 500.jpg

A striking acrylic on aluminium composite board painting called "Yellow Sky" by Wilf Perreault.


Melody Day" and "Goose Lake" by Kristan Brown. Both archival pigment print on rag paper, 12 x 12" each framed.

Miranda MichelleAnne_500.jpg

Beautiful "Heron Revered" by Miranda Jones, oil and 23k goldleaf on canvas, "Change" by Michelle Brownridge, polyester plate lithography and "Universe I and II" by Anne Brochu Lambert, encaustic on watercolour paper.

Wilf Andrew 500.jpg

One of our favourites by Wilf Perreault and "The End" a silkscreen by Andrew Valko. A funky ceramic by Takashi Hara in the middle.

Beth Jan Larry500.jpg

"Spiderville" by Beth Gaffney in watercolour, a soapstone carving by Larry Trask and a pair of mixed media by Jan Corcoran.

Don Miranda5 00.jpg

A framed silkscreen by Don Proch called "Night Kite Flight 73/80" and a gorgeous big piece called "Yellow Pond Lily" by Miranda Jones, 48 x 48".

Sean Wilf500.jpg

"April" by Sean William Randall, acrylic on canvas, 72 x 48" and "Yellow Sky" by Wilf Perreault.