February Finds


February - a time to brighten and refresh the gallery. We chose to mix it up with new pieces, recent works and favorites from past years. Here we pair 2 bright and colourful pieces. To the left is a piece called "Temptation, Trust and Trepidation" by Miranda Jones and to the right "A Lively Conversation" by Sharon Eisbrenner.


A beautiful grouping of watercolour on Aquabord by Catherine Macaulay called "Garden Notes: October #1, #2 and #3. Small(6 x 6" each) but powerful, with deep, rich colour.

Cate Francis pair500.jpg

"The Devils Cormorants" by Cate Francis, each mixed media and resin on wood. A pair of very interesting pieces by an up and coming artist.

Sean _500.jpg

A pair of large, striking and colourful paintings by Sean William Randall called "Wolf Tree I and II." Acrylic on canvas, 48 x 48".


A striking piece by Don Proch called "Hill Top Squall". Pencil crayon and coloured pencil on fiberglass.

Kristen oil pair500.jpg

A pair of subtle but striking pieces "Familiar Ground II and IV" by Kristen Brown. Oil on wood, 10 x 10" each.

Andrew  NY500.jpg

"NY 18/40" is an amazing new linocut by Andrew Valko, framed 40 x 44". Beautifully detailed soapstone carving by Larry Trask.

Anne pair500.jpg

A new take on encaustic by Anne Brochu Lambert. "Universe I and II, colourful encaustic on paper.


"Looking Through Broken Glass" and "Wonder Oh Damm" by young artist Joel Monea. Mixed media on wood, both 26 x 50".


Three detailed hooked rugs by Karlie King. "Parking Meter", "Emergency" and 2nd Floor, No Smoking Please". Sizes 11 x 11", 14 x 10" and 12 x 11".